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Corvettes in the Park 2015

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Corvettes in the Park 2011

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                              History of "Corvettes in the Park"


1993 – The predecessor of Corvettes in the Park began in early 1993 with an idea presented to our sponsor at that time, Joe Romania Chevrolet.  The idea was to clear the front new car lot and bring in “maybe 50 or 60 Corvettes” from around the state for a free one day show-n-shine.  With almost total financial support from Romania Chevrolet, (they provided catering, t-shirts, games & prizes) we had over 100 Corvettes arrive forcing us to clear much of the used car lot also.


          The “Joe Romania Chevrolet Show-n-Shine”, as it was known in those days continued until 2002.  It remained a free event to participants for 3 or 4 years.  The last year as a free event we squeezed 225 Corvettes onto the Romania property.  At this point it had become too expensive for our sponsor to bear all the costs themselves and we began charging a minimal registration fee.  The last year of this format the show was moved to Valley River Center as part of a city-sponsored show-n-shine and cruise.  That year was also one of the hottest Augusts on record and the event was held on the newly black-topped rear parking lot.  It is safe to say the event “dissolved” into a heat-induced early departure for almost every car. 


2004 – After a year hiatus, the club, with our sponsor’s approval, began planning to move the event away from the dealership lots.  At a point early in the year, Pete Lightcap suggested we contact the City of Cottage Grove to use Coiner Park.  One look at Coiner Park with it’s grass, trees and most importantly, shade, and Corvettes in the Park was born.  In a learning experience we closed that year’s event with a lot of errors, but rave reviews for the location by participants.


2005-2009 – In 2005 Kendall Chevrolet/Cadillac became our sponsor and with their support Corvettes in the Park continued to progress.  In 2005 we tried to use a movie sequel theme complete with a showing of “American Grafitti” on an outdoor screen.  Many people put in an incredible amount of work to make this happen.  But as we know it doesn’t get dark enough to show an outdoor movie until 9 pm and few people wanted to stick around that late.  Another learning experience.

Corvettes in the Park continued to be an annual event until 2009.  In 2009 we entered into a verbal agreement with High Desert Corvettes to alternate events.  High Desert Corvettes would hold their event on even numbered years and we would host Corvettes in the Park on odd numbered years.


Since the beginning, Corvettes in the Park has been one of the most affordable Corvette events in the state and the organizing committees take great pride in that fact.  What we are able to provide for our guests, considering the low registration cost, is a testament to the hard work, sacrifice and financial outlay by the members of this club and our sponsor.  Nearly half of Kendall Chevrolet’s yearly financial contribution to the club goes to purchase raffle prizes at Corvettes in the Park.  Raffles tickets are the single most important money raising aspect of Corvettes in the Park and for the past several years we have been able to show a profit on investment in the event.  We have incredible raffle prizes!  The raffle baskets donated by members are a big hit!  That money has gone back into the Eugene / Springfield / Cottage Grove communities via club donations to numerous local charities.


Corvettes in the Park

Corvettes in the Park 2017

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Corvettes in the Park 2013

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